The Rice Alliance team is a group of individuals with a passion for empowering startups to achieve their visions. We see ourselves as a mix of thinkers and doers, who empower startups and our community to do what they set out to do (and then some). Through our networks, we aim to surround you with the best people, skills, tools and program to set you up for success. We strive to achieve a culture of advocacy that demonstrates an unyielding commitment to enabling the entrepreneurial pursuit of our founders and community.

Brad Burke
Associate Vice President for Industry and New Ventures, Rice University, Office of Innovation
Executive Director, Rice Alliance
Chair, Executive Advisory Board, GCEC
Holly D
Managing Director, Executive Director of the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers
GCEC is HQ at Rice Alliance
Jessica Fleenor Headshot
Director of Acceleration Programs - Rice Alliance
Managing Director - OwlSpark & BlueLaunch
Kerri Smith Headshot
Associate Managing Director - Rice Alliance
Executive Director - Rice Alliance Clean Energy Accelerator