Supporters of the Mercury Fund $1 million dollar prize celebrate with winner, BetaGlide of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India
2014 RBPC winner, Advanced Medical Adhesive from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, takes home $507,000.
Rice President David Leebron and Jones School Dean Glick cheer on Rice team, A-76 Technologies at Rice Business Plan Competition. The team took second, winning nearly $550,000.
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2015 Rice Business Plan Competition April 16-18, 2015 

Applications open online November 3, 2014



2014 Rice Business Plan Competition awards nearly $3 million, crowns world champion 

RWTH Aachen University, Germany wins more than $500,000 at world’s richest, largest student startup competition. 


Medical Adhesive Revolution of RWTH Aachen University, Germany, who developed a high-strength biodegradable surgical adhesive that can be used inside the human body to seal wounds within seconds, emerged as the top startup company winning $507,500 in the world's richest and largest student startup competition held April 10-12. This is the first time an international team has won the completion and the first time two international teams finished in the top six.


Rice University’s own team A-76 Technologies came in second with development of a corrosion inhibitor initially targeting customers in the oil in gas industry and plans for future expansion in transportation, marine, utilities, and infrastructure. They walked away with more than $550,000 in investment, cash and prizes.


BetaGlide, from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagur, India was awarded $1 million investment prize from the Mercury Fund. The announcement was a surprise for the team and the 800 attendees at the banquet. BetaGlide developed a one-stop destination for mobile app developers to create better and efficient apps in an intelligent way. 


Medical Adhesive Revolution GmbH – RWTH Aachen University, Germany, Grand prize, More than $507,500

Medical Adhesive Revolution developed a high-strength biodegradable surgical adhesive that can be used inside the human body to seal wounds within seconds.

A-76 Technologies, Rice University – second place, $550,000.

A-76 Technologies manufactures corrosion inhibitors. A-76 Technologies will initially target customers in the oil in gas industry and plans for future expansion in transportation, marine, utilities, and infrastructure.

EcoBreeze, National Taiwan University, Taiwan– third place, $22,000.

EcoBreeze is a company based on researching and commercializing innovative, powerful and green cooling technology for customers in ICT/LED field.

Innoblative, Northwestern University – fourth place, $20,000.

Innoblative is innovating the treatment of breast cancer by delivering therapy in minutes instead of weeks, for a fraction of the cost, and without dangerous ionizing radiation.

Tympanogen, Tulane University – fifth place, $44,000+.

Tympanogen is commercializing a patent-pending gel patch for resolving a medical condition called chronic tympanic membrane perforations – holes in the eardrum – without the need for surgery.

LymphaTech, Georgia Institute of Technology – sixth place, $38,000

LymphaTech has developed a revolutionary diagnostic that enables prevention of lymphedema, a debilitating disease that affects 50% of all breast cancer survivors.




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Business Name

Team Leader School

A-76 Technologies

Rice University


Washington University


University of New Mexico

Berry Logistics

University of Michigan


IIT, Kharagpur

CommSense, LLC

Purdue University


Duke University


University of Arkansas

Detonation Dynamics

University of Texas at Arlington


Wayne State University


National Taiwan University


London Business School


Marquette University

GestVision, Inc.

Yale University


University of Dhaka


Northwestern University


University of Tulsa

Iowa Approach, Inc.

University of Iowa

KAir Battery

The Ohio State University


Georgia Tech

Medical Adhesive Revolution GmbH

RWTH Aachen University

mHealth Solutions Center

Kenya Medical Training College / Kisii University

Microbe Detectives

University of Wisconsin

Movellus Circuits

University of Michigan


University of Notre Dame


Rice University



NextPotential Group

Arizona State University


London Business School


University of Illinois at Chicago

Orpheden Therapeutics

Northwestern University




Columbia University

PolyDrop, LLC

University of Washington


University of Houston

SioTeX Corporation

Texas State University

SPOUTS of Water

Harvard University



Superior Ecotech

University of Colorado at Boulder


University of Louisville


Tulane University of Louisiana



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