RBPC 2015 winner - KiLife TechRBPC 2015 5th Place - DexMatRBPC 2015 Banner
Supporters of the Mercury Fund $1 million dollar prize celebrate with winner, BetaGlide of Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India
Rice University Team, DexMat, wins CASIS prize at 2015 RPBC, taking home $67,000 in total prize money.
KiLife Tech from Brigham Young University wins grand prize at 2015 Rice Business Plan Competition, taking home more than $700,000 in cash and prizes. (L to R) Jordan Baczuk, CTO; Jeff Hall, CMO; Zack Oates; Spencer Behrend
2014 RBPC winner, Advanced Medical Adhesive from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, takes home $507,000.  
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2015 RBPC Winner


Grand Prize KiLife Tech BYU
2nd Inscope Medical Solutions University Louisville
3rd Hyllion Carnegie Mellon
4th Veritas Medical University of Utah
5th DexMat Rice
6th Aerox Thammasat University

20,400 People’s choice votes


Hyllion Carnegie Mellon University
Aerox Thammasat University
Veritas Medical University of Utah
DexMat Rice University
KiLife Brigham Young University
Inscope Medical Solutions University of Louisville


Room: 212 312 318
Time: Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3
8:20 - 8:45am AMPY  Hyliion Elegus Tech
8:50 - 9:15am Resumazing RelishMBA Guardian Sensors
9:20 - 9:45am  Fluid Screen  Sonikure Tech DexMat
9:50 - 10:15am KiLife Tech Driven Analytics Nikola Labs
10:20 - 10:45am  Aerox  Inscope Medical Veritas Medical 

Challenge Rounds

Room: 116 125 126 216 217 316 317
Time: Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3 Flight 4 Flight 5 Flight 6 Flight 7
8:20 - 8:45am Boomalang ADVANO Enlightened Diag Kegg Apps WISE Systems Airzz Stasis Labs
8:55 - 9:20am Lucelo Tech  Emreso Prepify AcCell Obtainium Pedal Forward OsteoViv
9:30 - 9:55am CalWave Immersed Games Presto Solutions Innsystec TremTex MyHelpster Fluency Lighting Tech
10:05 - 10:30am BioLum  UroPox  TriboTEX Cool Flux 6S Medical Renalert SenzaSeeds


Congrats 2015 Teams

World's Richest and Largest Student Startup Competition

 $1.5+ million in prizes
275+ judges
42 global teams
3 days of competition

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