Rice Alliance - 5th Annual Nanotechnology Venture Forum

"The Big Business of Small Technology"

Date: Friday, January 20, 2006
Location: McNair Hall, Rice University
Hosted by: Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship, CBEN, and the Richard E. Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology.

Over 500 individuals attended the 5th Annual Nanotechnology Venture Forum - the premier conference to learn about commercial applications of nanotechnology. The most promising early-stage nanotechnology-related companies were presented. Leading venture capitalists provided their feedback. Richard Booker discussed his new book, Nanotechnology for Dummies. Leading faculty presented their research on Nano-Gold, Nano-robots, and Nano-cars. Plus, Dr. Robert Curl co-recipient of the Novel Prize for the discovery of fullerenes (bucky balls) presented a special tribute to Dr. Rick Smalley.

The following presentations from the event are now available:

SPECIAL PRESENTATION Richard Booker, author of Nanotechnology for Dummies 

TRIBUTE TO DR. RICK SMALLEY Dr. Robert Curl, Nobel Laureate 

KEYNOTE ADDRESS Sean Murdock, NanoBusiness Alliance

A special thanks to our 5th Annual Nanotechnology Venture Forum Underwriter Winstead and Co-Host British Consulate-General, Houston!

Thanks to Deloitte for sponsoring the Forum's lunch.


9:00 AM - Registration
10:00 AM - Opening Keynote Address
Technology Briefings
Special Presentations
Noon - Lunch & Networking
1:00 PM - Afternoon Keynote Address
New Venture Presentations & Investor Panel
Investor Panel
5:15 PM - Nanotechnology Company Showcase & Networking Reception


Opening Keynote Address
- Candace Stuart, Editor-in-Chief, Small Times magazine - the leading magazine and source of business information for nanotechnology

Tech Briefings: Innovative Research in Nanotechnology
- Dr. Wade Adams "Nanotechnology at Rice University"
- Dr. Eugene Zubarev "Nano-Gold: The New Generation of Catalysts"
- Dr. Marcia O'Malley "Nanorobotic Manipulatio with Force Feedback"
- Dr. Kevin Kelly "Probing Molecular Mechanics, Driving Nanocars"

Special Presentations
- Richard Booker Author, Nanotechnology for Dummies
- Dr. Robert Curl Special Tribute to Dr. Rick Smalley

Afternoon Keynote Address
- Sean Murdock, Executive Director, NanoBusiness Alliance - the leading industry association dedicated to the business of nanotechnology

Nanotechnology Company Presenters
- Southwest Nanotechnologies - single-wall carbon nanotube manufacturing
- Q-Flo - carbon nanotube enabled fibers
- Xidex - nanodevices for hte semiconductor industry
- Applied Nanotech Inc. - flat screen TV displays and other applications
- NanoBioMagnetics - drug delivery and biostable implants
- Zyvex - tools for molecular manufacturing
* Jim Von Ehr - a recognized national leader in the nanotech industry

Venture Capital / Investor Panel
- Paul Thurk, ARCH Venture Partners
- Dan Colbert, NGEN Partners
- David Moxam, Authentix, Inc.
- Daniel Wolfe, Harris & Harris Group

Thanks again to our Co-Host: British Consulate-General, Houston and Underwriter Winstead!

Lunch Sponsor: Deloitte

Media Sponsors: Houston Business Journal Small Times Magazine
Nanotechnology Law & Business

Supporting Organizations: Greater Houston Partnership
Houston Technology Center
Nanotechnology Foundation of Texas


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Company Spotlight
  • Tympanogen (2016) takes research to new heights aboard the International Space Station 
  • Acquired by Home Depot, Black Locus (2011) serves as the Innovation Hub for the retail giant
  • Making a spectacular exit, Auditude (2005) is sold to Adobe for $110M 
  • Dynamics (2009): designing & manufacturing battery powered, interactive credit cards
  • Adhesys Medical (2014) wins big at the 2016 MassChallenge 
  • From Malta to London & New York to Shanghai, essDOCS' (2004) paperless trading platform powers international shipping
  • A76 (2015), developing anti-corrosion coatings and lubricants, rebrands as Aidant Brands
  • Neopenda (2016): finalist at the 2016 SXSW Startup Showcase  
  • SiNode Systems (2013): collaborating with the Argonne National Laboratory to build better batteries
  • Soko (SasaAfrica, 2012) chats with Forbes about fashion-tech 
  • Allyson Sawyer, a woman succeeding in the energy space with Rebellion Photonics (2010) 
  • Polytorx(2003) Helix Steel reinforces the underground tunnels linking the Long Island Railroad to Grand Central Station
  • Broadway & baseball, Qcue (2008) provides dynamic ticket pricing for events across the continent
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